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Based in Brisbane

Welcome to Watson St Claire Family Law

Watson St Claire Family Law is a modern, honest law firm.

The name of the firm comes from the principal’s family history. Jane Guerin’s great grandmother’s name was Watson. Grandma Watson’s mother-in-law’s maiden name: St Claire. The St is Saint.

While Jane started family law in Brisbane, she established Watson St Claire first in Perth. We are happy for her return and establishing her Family Law firm in Brisbane by looking out for you wherever you are, where you have a Queensland connection.

We take family seriously.


Our advice is practical, timely and resolution focused. It is with your best interests in mind against the overlay of family law. It has been a while since we have had a client inform us that they’d rather pay us than their ex. While that is flattering, we know you don’t want to be stuck in the realm of arguing with your ex. With extensive knowledge of family law, we will work towards getting you the best family law outcomes so you can get on with your life.


There is a joke about the good lawyer and the bad lawyer. The bad lawyer will get your matter into court and drag it out for years. The good lawyer will make it last longer. In our firm, that is an absolute joke. One, because we only go to court where necessary. Two, because we are great family lawyers and where both parties have proper advice settlement shouldn’t take long and court won’t be necessary. We are the divorce artist. And, we are focused on results and resolution.


Separation is a difficult time and at Watson St Claire we understand that. We know you want advice and answers quickly and that is what we strive to do. Efficiency is key. We know you don’t like delays and neither do we.

If you are ready for practical, down to earth advice, contact us to arrange an initial consultation.


When I first began the family law process I was scared and didn't know what to do. Jane, the owner of Watson St Claire, believed me and made me feel heard. She was proactive and dedicated in finding a solution that minimised stress and financial costs, and maximised mine and my child's safety. Jane is skilled in family law and domestic violence matters, and sees her clients as people rather than a pay cheque. I always recommend Jane and Watson St Claire to my family and friends
Laura S.
Jane is able to quickly get to the heart of the legal challenge, AND communicate an understanding for the emotional impact associated with it. This is a rare skills combination in most other legal professionals, in our experience. It makes for frank, realistic dialogue, advice and exploration of options, inspiring trust that Jane is not "just another lawyer out to make money off people's misery". Will recommend Jane Guerin as family lawyer every time.
Causa Sui C.
I had a tough time with trying to decide to get a lawyer or not. I tried to get done what I could on my own. I was struggling with Legal terms and if I was being taken advantage of by not having a lawyer. Jane helped me with the parts I did not understand also she helped calm me down and or cheer me up after I got emails from the other parties lawyers saying they were taking me to court for one reason or another. Jane was very understandable and very easy to approach. Without the help of Jane I would have given up and taken whatever deal the other lawyers were throwing at me. I would strongly recommend Jane to anyone.
My meeting with you prepared me well. I move into my new house in a couple of weeks. It was worked out perfectly.
I immediately felt comfortable, when I approached Jane from Watson St Claire Family Law, in relation to an application for financial consent orders. Jane was quick to get her head around a complex financial structure involving a third party and companies and recommended a proposal. Jane had genuine concern for my situation which was not an easy one to navigate and her calm approach gave me confidence. Thanks Jane, for assisting me in what was a most challenging time. I appreciate all your efforts and have no hesitation in referring you to others needing Family Law assistance.
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