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Sadly, many in our community experience domestic violence. The law provides for protection from this by protection orders. A domestic violence protection order (DVO) is an order made by the court that prohibits the perpetrator from certain behaviour, such as harassment, stalking, intimidation, violence or the threat of violence.

The purpose of an DVO is to provide protection from this behaviour in the future. The order usually states that a person cannot behave as such or go within a certain distance of the home or workplace of the person lodging the complaint. It says they are not to commit domestic violence against the victim.

Once in court, the perpetrator is called a defendant. We can help you apply to Court and help you through this process which can often be scary.

The Court can make an DVO if a defendant consents to it being made, or if evidence is heard proving that a person in need of protection fears violence or harassment by the defendant. The magistrate also has to be satisfied that there are reasonable grounds for these fears in order to make an DVO.

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Domestic violence orders;

Domestic Violence Orders (DVO) are taken against a family member, including spouses, ex-spouses and intimate partners (including de facto relationships).

If you need to apply for a DVO, or if somebody has taken out a DVO against you, it is recommended to seek legal advice from an experienced solicitor immediately.

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