When we help with Child Support

For a while now most Child Support issues are managed by the Child Support Agency. While we don’t often get involved with Child Support matters, we have helped clients successfully apply for a re-assessment. We are also able to assist with other submissions and appeals against decisions.

Where parents want to have private arrangements or have an agreement which differs to the formula which the Agency uses, we can assist preparing and advising about these private arrangements, including drafting them – we call them Binding Child Support Agreements.

These private arrangements are really great if the parties have their own arrangements, such as a lump sum, or additional financial assistance say for school fees, uniforms, excursions, other education costs, and aspects to do with health care such as private insurance or for orthodontics. Any financial child care cost can be included.

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Binding Child Support Agreements

These Binding Agreements are registered with the Child Support Agency and so provide greater certainty.

Certainly if the payer parent is offering to pay more than the minimum child support, a Binding Child Support Agreement can help the payee, by giving enforceability.

We are able to assist clients with any submissions to the Child Support Agency, any appeals against any of their decisions and are also able to assist in the preparation and provision of legal advice regarding any Binding Child Support Agreement. Parties are able to enter into their own private agreement which can then be registered with the Child Support Agency. 

This method is becoming more and more popular as they provide more certainty to the parties and can specify any particular financial needs of the child/children such as private school fees, private health and any special educational costs.

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